BLOG POST – Let it Begin

In light of the Ottawa happenings this past week, I think we in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada are left to wonder.  Why Michael Zehaf-Bibeau determined to act with violence is unclear (perhaps the “10 Aircraft and 600 soldiers joining the crusade against the Muslims” – al-Kanadi), but we will have to respond and determine how to live with others in our world. In respect of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and his family and friends left behind, I suggest an effort that includes Jesus and love.

Jesus and love are the eternal stabilizing factors that can respond to such violence, and JesusNext is an idea that confronts such actions.


1. Jesus

2. Love

That is it; this is the idea that I believe can face any act of evil. This is the idea that I try to teach anyone who is searching for an answer.

Building Hope Compassionate Association (BH) is a community that serves the needy in Edmonton. Many different problems present themselves at BH, and we, as Christians, are called to respond. On many occasions I search for tangible answers, but I always know, Jesus and love will lead the way.

As a Christian, I believe Jesus is the only way to heaven (John 14:6). Jesus Christ removes the doubt of a works based religion by allowing me to claim His righteousness as He solely assumes the responsibility of my sin (2 Corinthians 5:21). I believe the power of the resurrection is available to me (Ephesians 1:19,20)as I align myself more and more to His greatest command (Matthew 22:36-40). With confidence to stand before my Father in Jesus Christ, I can petition my Father on behalf of the “friends” of BH, and love them in a manner that Christ loved me.

I start this blog with these thoughts as I want to say we live in this world with all people and all sorts problems, but there are real solutions found in Jesus and His greatest command: love. Often we respond to hurt with hurt, but what if we tried another way? What if we responded to hurt with Jesus and love? What if we tried to alleviate the pain of those who surround us with Jesus and love? What if we tried to teach a world, about Jesus and love, through our actions?

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