As we remember the death of Nelson Mandela

As we remember the death of Nelson Mandela one year ago, The New York Times writes, “one year after Nelson Mandela died, it almost seemed as if those he inspired were questing to rediscover his message of probity and reconciliation in a society with new troubles.”[1] Historical figures can teach us a lot about moral principles and valuing the worth of all people.

Jesus Christ is not only the greatest influencer of people, but He is also the greatest reconciler of people. As I watch the North American church shrinking in numbers, I often wonder what our society will look like without the influence of Jesus Christ in people’s lives. There are so many influences out there to attract people, and often people are creating their own moral code to live by. With such a variety of thoughts on “good and evil” is it any wonder that we find it difficult to reconcile with others. Then add to the mix the system of capitalism. Suddenly we have a society that is based on undefined, individualistic moral code, with value placed on money and not humanity.

I feel it is time to return to the core of the Christian message and reconcile with GOD and humanity.


  1. Jesus – He is GOD; our Lord and Saviour
  2. Love – It is Jesus’ greatest commandment and we are to love our enemies

Now ask these two questions:

  1. Is Jesus GOD; Lord and Saviour?
  2. Do you believe in unconditional love?

This is the moral code that we teach at Building Hope and this is how I believe we can reconcile to one another and to GOD. Love of GOD and others sums up all the Law and the prophets (Matthew 22:40); love is the greatest action of reconciliation (1 Peter 4:8); and love is the action of discipleship to Christ (John 13:34,35). Love is the moral standard that draws us to Christ the Saviour, as the standard of unconditional love is adopted the sinful nature rebels and the soul can only find rest in the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. This reconciliation to GOD allows us to petition our Creator with confidence and ask for our hearts desire.

What do I desire? Revival. More Jesus, more love, and more focus on the poor. We follow the example of Christ and love, we reconcile through His blood, and we serve those in need. Not only do we unify and value each person, but imagine the blessing of GOD as we look to serve Him in sacrifice. We must try.

[1] – December 5, 2014

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