Clear it Out and Love

Monday, March 16, 2015 @ 16:29 at Building Hope

Inspirations: Red Bull Crashed Ice in Edmonton (14th), Movie – “About Time”, Sermon – “Clear it Out and Love”, Building Hope (obviously), and Beverly Christian Revival

Wow! Another month has passed since the last post – Beverly Christian Revival. I have had a lot to write about along the way, but at times I do not feel I have the words and I do not want to bore you, and other times I am busy. This past weekend I preached a sermon on Jesus cursing a fig tree, clearing a temple, and telling us that we are capable of powerful things as well (Mark 11:12-26). I believe this passage is a call to truth (holiness and love) and grace (forgiveness and love); and the power that is available to us should we commit to Jesus (truth and grace) and love with all our heart, mind, and soul.

Jesus NextBeverly Christian Revival planning has been ongoing since February 20 (4 weeks) and things seem to be coming together. Nine of us are committed to teaching people about Jesus, promoting unconditional love, and serving the poor; but we have run into barriers. As we were trying to book R.J. Scott school grounds we found out that the City of Edmonton has a policy in place where “no religious services” can be performed on the grounds. They also want us to make presentations to the Beverly Business Association and the Beverly Heights Community League; two organizations that have expressed concern with Building Hope being in their community. So basically the City does not want our Jesus and the community does not want our service to the poor, but we all believe in love.

This is the problem I believe, we all want love but we have no idea how to define it and how to live it. Jesus Christ walked in love and He was crucified by this world, and His example must serve as an example to Christians. We are called to love and the greatest love is one who is willing to lay down his life for his friends (John 15:13). Jesus lived His words and sacrificed for us, and a Christian is called to the same sacrifice. We are called to give everything we have, but do we come even close to this call. How much do you think Jesus would have given to avoid the cross? Everything in His bank? Yeah I think everything, but how much do we sacrifice for those in need? We continually put our money in the bank while people sleep in the streets. We avoid contact with the poor by living in our safe neighbourhoods, but Jesus came from heaven to rescue us. We think the poor are detrimental to our businesses, but Jesus said, “you cannot serve both GOD and money.” (Matthew 6:24)

We put on an event like Red Bull Crashed Ice and what do we gain? Entertainment and revenue. But consider investing in (or even allowing) an event like the Beverly Christian Revival. We are trying to serve a group of people that are normally cast aside, we are trying to teach about a Man who walked on the earth and sacrificed Himself for love, and we are trying to encourage people to love. We all want love, but are we willing to sacrifice for it? We all want love, but do we even try to understand what that means before we cast the problem aside. For the City of Edmonton and the communities of Edmonton I pray we are willing to invest in an event like the Beverly Christian Revival. Jesus is watching and should we fail to commit to these types of events what are the consequences, but imagine what could happen if Jesus really does empower revival.

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