As Individuals We Live in Community

Saturday, May 9, 2015 @ 5:00pm @Schmidt’s

As Individuals We Live in Community

  • So the NDP are getting ready to lead Alberta after 44 years of PC reign
  • The Oilers are picking #1 again; “Come on Connor, it will be fun!”
  • And the Beverly Christian Revival is now the Building Hope Beverly Christian Revival

Things are changing in the City of Champions and I am pointing the finger right back at me.  It often amazes me the unique lives we live; but on the other side of the coin, we are all connected. I often think, “I am a part of a community, if I change, then the community changes.” This thought challenges me to live a “better” life in order to live in the best possible community, but what is “better”? And how do I get to “better” when life feels crappy?

In the past two months we all have had some highs and lows. In the past two months since my last Blog entry I have moved twice, felt the pressure of planning an event (BCR), and touched the emotional low of depression. How have your two months been? How do I affect community when darkness oppresses me? Where is my Jesus and my love, when the events of my life begin to crush me? Depression thrives in isolation, and it hates healthy community.

We in Edmonton are going to experience the NDP and probably Connor, but will revival touch our collective lives?

This revival will promote three things:

  1. Jesus
  2. Love
  3. Serving the Poor

I pray revival will be a part of our community.

When we stand together in community, in the unity of the Spirit of Christ, and attempt the love that He commands, we will find healing.

Our Philosophy calls for this revival

“Building Hope requires a firm foundation, and Jesus Christ is our cornerstone. By bringing the compassionate and needy together into community and encouraging all to love in the power of Christ, Building Hope believes that both the needy and compassionate will heal, strengthen, and gain direction.”

I pray revival will heal our community

In the past two months I have been a weak member of my community, but the Christian community has rallied around me through prayer and love. Jesus confirms that He walks with me in the valley of darkness (Psalm 23) and I am trying to rest in Him and trust that His power will see me back to strength. His Spirit guides me, and should I trust His leading, I believe I will know how to be a “better” member of community.

I pray revival will strengthen and guide our community

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