“In the Name of Jesus, we will love.”

“In the Name of Jesus, we will love.”

The simple Mission Statement of Building Hope often has me focused on what I must try to do, but when I really consider the statement, it is the power of Jesus that really empowers my action. As a frontline worker for Building Hope I must solely rely on Jesus and His provision for the ministry, not my ability to love. This Christmas season Jesus has reminded me of where the power of Building Hope comes from.

Let us start with the 2015 Christmas Party held at Beverly Alliance Church. Building Hope, A Nazarene Compassionate Ministry, together with Beverly Alliance hosted a remarkable event. Two different denominations, came together around the name of Jesus and blessed over 200 people. People who may have little family, or few friends came together to eat, fellowship, celebrate, and build hope. The details have been written in the December 2015 Newsletter but I must add.

Over 450 gifts were handed out during the Christmas season. So 200 people got personal gifts, but above that, 250 gifts were given so that some may have something to give on Christmas Day. This year I got involved with the Christmas gifts a little (thank goodness for gift bags J) and I started to imagine the joy of having something to give and the sorrow of not having anything to give. You have to think about it, imagine the difference of having one gift to give your loved one verses having no gift to give your loved one. Jesus thought of each person of this world when HE came from HIS throne in heaven to earth and HE sacrificed for each person to have eternal life (1 Timothy 2:4). I believe it was this personal sacrifice that inspired Darlene and her team of volunteers to bless so many individuals with the ability to give to others.

The second miracle I witnessed was Jesus providing through much needed funding. At a small compassionate ministry centre there are times when your faith is tested with financial support. You believe in what you are doing through the Word of GOD (Isaiah 58), but we often wonder where the funds will come from. This Christmas season Jesus was faithful. At Building Hope we are trying to build up our monthly donors so that we can more effectively plan our budget. By having a base each month to work from we can more effectively plan our fundraising schedule. As a fundraiser all you can do is place the need and the vision in front of people and the response is up to the LORD. The goal to 100 monthly donors is still distant, but there was a good response and we are more than able to continue the mission of GOD in Beverly. The Word of GOD tells us about GOD’s faithfulness when we are doing GOD’s work, but when the reality comes, it really grows our faith in HIS Word.

As Christians, Jesus lives in us (Ephesians 3:17) and the power of the resurrection is available to us (Ephesians 1:19). So when I consider the Mission Statement of Building Hope my greatest strength would not be my ability to love, but actually my ability to have faith in the power of Christ. Jesus loves each person more than I can and HE can provide better than I can. HE will stretch our faith, but that is what continues to keep us dependant on HIM and that’s what keeps us searching for HIS leading hand. It is here that we must all live so that our lives reflect Christ not only in love, but also the power of Christ.

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